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Develop new museum professionals to shape the future of museums

Mentoring relationships have real, positive impacts that you shouldn’t ignore.

These relationships do not only influence your perspectives, change lives for the better, they also help keep others working towards their dreams. This can contribute to your well-being constantly and keep you motivated during the period of uncertainty. More importantly, mentoring can help you to enhance skills and attributes such as active listening, boost self-confidence, and broaden your professional networks.

We are therefore excited to announce that the London Museums Group (LMG) is partnering with Birkbeck, University of London through the Mentoring Pathways programme. The programme aims to support Birkbeck students' career aspirations and exposure to the museum professional networks, most importantly this provides professional development benefits for our members if you sign up as a mentor for the programme.

What is in it for you?

· Opportunity to upskill: receive a free CPD accredited training session to develop your mentoring skills and other soft skills as mentioned above

· Broaden your professional networks

· A sense of achievement

· Give something back to the community

· Develop our future talents in the sector

“I have been volunteering as a mentor for more than 3 years outside of work in various universities and start-up incubators - Birkbeck is one of the institutions that I support. It helped me to enhance my mentoring and coaching skills. I have been applying the techniques, best practices, and frameworks I learned in the programme at work to coach and motivate my team to deliver their best.” May Ho – LMG Committee Member, Events & Partnerships

What do you have to do?

Sign up now via Birkbeck, University of London Mentoring Pathways programme website.

Keep us posted and share your mentoring experience with us by Twitter, please tag #MentoringPathways #LMG

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