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The London Museum Development Service supports development opportunities for accredited museums and those working towards accreditation.

They support London’s non-national museums to achieve their goals by:

  • Supporting museums to be responsible, responsive and resilient organisations

  • Supporting museums to manage collections effectively and make them and the information they hold about them available to everyone

  • Supporting museums to be welcoming and accessible, and have a planned approach to identifying and providing a good-quality service, encouraging a broad range of users.

More information on the Service and how to contact the Museum Development Officers can be found at the Museum of London website


The Collections Trust is the professional association for collections management. Established in 1977, it is a UK-based charity that works worldwide with museums, libraries, galleries and archives to improve the management and use of their collections. It does this by providing know-how, developing and promoting excellence, challenging existing practices, pioneering new ideas and bringing experts together.

More information and resources are available from The Collections Trust website


Association of Independent Museums (AIM) is a national charitable organisation that connects, supports and represents independent museums, galleries and other organisations. They provide a thriving network for the independent sector, based on mutuality and sharing of expertise. Their membership ranges from voluntarily run community organisations to some of the largest museums in the country and includes historic houses, heritage organisations, including ships, historic railways, etc, as well as museum consultants and commercial suppliers.

Their London representative is Caroline Worthington (Bexley Heritage Trust)

More information and resources are available from the AIM website


The Museums Association (MA) is a professional membership organisation based in London for museum, gallery and heritage professionals, museums, galleries and heritage organisations, and companies that work in the museum, gallery and heritage sector. The Museums Association’s mission is to enhance the value of museums to society by sharing knowledge, developing skills, inspiring innovation, and providing leadership. The MA advocates for museums, sets ethical standards and runs training and professional development for members wishing to further their careers.

More information can be found at the Museums Association website.


GEM champions excellence in heritage learning to improve the education, health and well-being of the general public. It is professional membership organization open to everyone working in learning and education in museums. Local events and networking opportunities regularly take place and they have a vibrant JISCMAIL list.

More information can be found at the GEM website.


Museums Galleries Scotland is the National Development Body for the museum sector in Scotland. Whilst focused on museums in Scotland it also has resources and publications that will be of interest to museums across the UK.

More information can be found at the Museums Galleries Scotland website.


Arts Council England is the development body for English regional museums, with responsibility for effective investment and advocacy for all Accredited museums. More information on how Arts Council England supports museums can be found at their website.

COPYRIGHTUSER.ORG is an online resource aimed at making UK copyright law accessible to creators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and members of the public.

The resources here are meant for everyone who uses copyright: musiciansfilmmakersperformerswritersvisual artists and interactive developers, among others.

Their goal is to inform creators about how to protect their work, how to license and exploit it, and how to legally re-use the work of others.


Culture24 is an independent charity that brings museums and galleries together to do amazing things they couldn’t do on their own. It is best known for publishing great websites about culture and heritage; producing the successful Museums at Night festival of after-hours openings; and leading Let’s Get Real, the collaborative action research project involving cultural organisations across the UK and Europe. It also aggregates and shares data about thousands of cultural events, exhibitions and venues with a range of partners.


The Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG) is the national network for touring exhibitions in the UK; a non-profit membership organisation, committed to exchanging exhibitions as a means of sharing ideas, objects and resources. Facilities and opportunities include:

  • Online database of exhibitions available to hire

  • Professional development programme

  • Annual TEG Marketplace for exhibition exchange, networking and partnership brokering

  • Research programme

  • Online Touring Exhibitions Manual

For more information visit the TEG website

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