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The new Security Resources section of the Collections Link website

Originally posted on 31 May 2013 by London Museums Group #LMGBlogArchive #LMGBlogArchiveProject

The security resources section has been reviewed and updated to provide you and your teams with a unique, comprehensive, and practical collection of resources. You can visit it now at

This revised content draws on input from the security seminars, run by Collections Trust and supported by Arts Council England, and they also helped audit, review and update it along with ACPO: The Association of Chief Police Officers. New guidance on auditing collections security measures introduces the concept of the “Environmental Visual Assessment” which supports the informal assessment of security measures, and integrates responsibility for security across the entire organisation.

Supporting the Assessment is a more specialised “Security Audit”, which includes a detailed checklist of possible security measures in a museum, and prompts users to check and record their findings. In addition “The Museum Security Toolkit illustrates how to address the security of collections using a four-step risk management approach.

Supporting this core content is a “Security in Museums and Galleries” series of guides which explore security measures such as implementing CCTV, securing buildings and perimeters, and maintaining key security. Security Specifications provide information about specific security measures such as grilles, doors, windows, glass and frames.

One highlight is the series of Case Studies, which includes many of the audio/PowerPoint presentations from the security seminars. They provide ways to improve and share your knowledge about security for collections, both within the museum and by using sector networks.

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