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Interview with Alice Quine

Originally posted on 3 February 2016 #LMGBlogArchive #LMGBlogArchiveProject by Joe Sullivan

Alice Quine is the Assistant Curator at the Jewish museum. Here she sits down for five minutes to answer our questions.

Describe your career path

I took an internship at the Jewish Museum as part of my MA Museum Studies degree. A few months later the digitisation work I had been doing became a fully funded six month project which I successfully applied for. As my responsibilities expanded to exhibitions and collections care my job became a permanent position.

What have the next 12 months got in store for you?

I will be working on upgrading the storage conditions of the museum collection and assisting the curators on exhibition projects.

What Museum (other than the one you might work for) would you like to be locked in overnight?

The Cup Noodle Museum in Japan! I would be starved of nutrition but full of warm gluteny goodness!

What’s the most encouraging thing a visitor has ever said to you?

“Alice, I have been struggling with my focus for my PhD for four years and you have helped to make it all come together”.

If you could highlight one Museum Object, either in your own museum or elsewhere, what would it be?

It’s not really one object but every time I go to a museum of natural sciences I go straight for the precious rocks and minerals. Naturally occurring geometric shapes blow my mind.

What would you have been if you hadn’t been an Assistant Curator?

A product designer.


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