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10 Most Wanted | Online Detective Game

Originally posted on 21 March 2014 #LMGBlogArchive #LMGBlogArchiveProject by Julie Reynolds

10 Most Wanted is an online detective game played with objects in museum collections, inspired by the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. Players hunt down specific pieces of ‘wanted’ information about an object of their choice from the ten posted on the project’s website by curators. They share their findings on social networks working in collaboration with other players, who are both their colleagues and competitors. As ‘wanted’ facts are found and evidenced, they are integrated into curated collection documentation. The players who have tracked down the information move up the hierarchy and are rewarded for their contributions. Why not see what you can contribute?

The project already has five solved cases. In the case of this Art Deco cocktail shaker, we knew it had been made by De La Rue but wanted to know who had designed it, by whom it was retailed and a precise date for its manufacture. Players have found that information and a whole lot more, including a marketing brochure for the product. Have a look at the case notes here.

10 Most Wanted is a collaborative research project being undertaken by the Museum of Design in Plastics, a research resource of the Arts University Bournemouth, the University of Brighton, and Adaptive Technologies Ltd. Although the pilot is focused on plastics, its methodology is equally valid for other collection types, for example identifying people and places in paintings and photographs. The project team would therefore be grateful if people working in museums and heritage would undertake this questionnaire to help in the evaluation of its usability and relevance for others in the profession.

Source: Museum of Design in Plastics


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