• Give the gift of data…

    London Museums Group

    Give the gift of data…

    Do you know how your museum’s audience has changed? Are you reaching more people from lower socio-economic groups? Are your visitors older or younger? Are you engaging with more people from minority-ethnic backgrounds? If you know any of these things, Maurice Davis wants to hear from you!

  • Visitor Finder for museums

    London Museums Group

    Visitor Finder for museums

    Visitor Finder is an initiative designed specifically to support museums to obtain and use information about your visitors to help to inform your advocacy, business planning, engagement and marketing.

  • From books to bones – a mid-career crisis


    From books to bones – a mid-career crisis

    15 years working in libraries, and I gave it all up for museums. I have worked in academic, public, law and media libraries, but in the space of a few months I have moved from institutional repositories and copyright in a London university to repacking human bones from my local Roman ancestors. I gave up a salary and a pension…