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Share Academy project | Molly Spoon Archive with Bruce Castle Museum

Originally posted on 1 May 2014 #LMGBlogArchive #LMGBlogArchiveProject by Julie Reynolds

The Molly Spoon Archive at Bruce Castle Museum; Wednesday 28th May from midday

Bruce Castle Museum, Lordship Lane, N17

FREE until 30 September

The first ever Molly Spoon Archive at Bruce Castle Museum

Celebrate future Queer Heritage with your very own Molly Spoon! 

The Molly Spoon Archive is a temporary exhibition celebrating individuals from or who have had something to do with Haringey’s rich, vibrant and historic LGBTQ community through the creation of Molly Spoons.  Each Molly spoon represents a different person.  The Molly Spoon refers to the wooden dolls used in ceremonies at the Molly Houses of Renaissance London as a symbol of ‘coming out’ as a new character.

The aim of the exhibition is amass a wider collection of artifacts by inviting the public to create their own Molly Spoon and explore what it means to be Queer, either by referring to an existing, real personality, a queer uncle or quaint aunt, local celebrity, friend, partner, family member or even an idealised or drag version of yourself.

The exhibition also explores what it means to be different and how we create a sense of identity and community through different rituals.

The amassed objects will then become part of Bruce Castle’s permanent collection as a legacy for future generations.

The event will include live, hands on Make-And-Do-Molly-Making sessions thoughout the day with Timberlina and Gareth Hagger-Johnson, Teatime banter with artifical Hip-Hop Superstar Ida Barr and an evening discussion with museum curator Deborah Hedgecock and acclaimed, award-winning fine artist Sadie Lee.

There will be subsequent drop in Molly-Spoon-Making days with Timberlina and Gareth Hagger-Johnson on Sundays  15th June, 27th July and Wednesday 27th August.

Timberlina will also be hosting a satellite event Freedom To…. Make Molly Spoon drop in at the National Portrait Gallery on Thursday 26th June.

#MollySpoon  FB Molly Spoon Archive

Source: reprinted with kind permission from the Molly Spoon Archive at Bruce Castle Museum project

A project funded by Share Academy. To find out more about Share Academy visit the webpages & follow on Twitter @share_ academy

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