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Share Academy is a partnership between University College London, University of the Arts London and the London Museums Group, and is funded by Arts Council England. The Share Academy project aims to build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships between the higher education sector and specialist museums in London. These pages will help to broker relationships between museums and academics.

Universities in London can offer expertise in a wide range of subjects, from conservation and curating to business innovation and new technologies, and are good at ‘managed risk taking’. They also offer in-depth knowledge in disciplines such as science and geology, which many museums lack. More generally, partnership with a university can offer museums access to theoretical frameworks for their activity, and the benefit of critical thinking informed by global research.

Museums, for their part, often have deep experience of community engagement and audience interaction. They hold unique resources in their collections and archives, and can offer universities highly creative and dramatic environments for learning and public engagement, and opportunities for students to participate in museum life.

The aims of project are to:

  • Demonstrate the extent to which capacity and resilience within London’s specialist museums can be built by connecting them with sources of expertise
  • Channel additional resources into London’s specialist museums
  • Bring public engagement benefits for universities
  • Build on the success of London Museums Group’s SHARE London scheme

Share Academy reports, advice and guidance on museum and Higher Education collaborations can be downloaded at the Share Academy resources page.