What did the Touring Exhibitions Group’s survey tell us about touring in the London region?

"What did the Touring Exhibitions Group’s survey tell us about touring in the London region?"

                The Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG) is a non-profit organisation that supports museums and galleries across the UK and beyond to tour exhibitions. It believes touring is key mechanism for ensuring the resilience of high-quality, temporary exhibition programmes in times of greater austerity. Over the summer period in 2015 TEG conducted a survey  Read more →

One project finishes | another one starts better

"One project finishes | another one starts better"

How can we share what we learn? There’s no doubt in my mind that there is some excellent audience research going on in the heritage industry, but I’m equally convinced that we could and should share it better. The question is how? Audience research at the Science Museum has focused for over 15 years on improving our offer for visitors. The  Read more →

Sharing evaluation | don’t reinvent the wheel…

"Sharing evaluation | don’t reinvent the wheel…"

Barriers For over 12 years now I’ve worked within the museum and heritage sector in the field of evaluation and audience research and I’m reasonably confident the sector can now see the benefits of evaluation. However, I often feel frustrated at the barriers that we, as museum professionals, collectively seem to have raised, which often prevent us from sharing what  Read more →

Golden Rules | Evaluating Evaluation

"Golden Rules | Evaluating Evaluation"

I’m quite new to the world of evaluation. When I went part-time at the Museums Association a few years ago, as well as becoming a partner in the Museum Consultancy, one of the people I hooked up with was Christian Heath at King’s College London. We were both surprised that in spite of the millions spent on summative evaluation, it  Read more →

Why are we not sharing

"Why are we not sharing"

Evaluation is good… isn’t it? Before exploring some of the reasons why we might not be sharing, or joining up our thinking around evaluation across the sector, it’s useful to think about why we are doing it, and whether or not it’s a good thing. In order to give evaluation value, we must, of course, value audiences. In the last  Read more →

The Late Shows

"The Late Shows"

Evaluation case study | The Late Shows To share or not to share?When it comes to sharing evaluation for The Late Shows, Newcastle and Gateshead’s annual Museums at Night event, the short answer is yes, we do need to share evaluation. But how? The team here at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums has been running The Late Shows for  Read more →

Leaping over crocodiles

"Leaping over crocodiles"

Evaluation, can it work? … I think it can I have worked for several years as a museum evaluator for Renaissance East of England, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service and as a freelancer. I started with a distinctly academic approach, having studied an MSc in Research Methods and was often surprised at what passed as hard evidence in the museum  Read more →

Participation begins within the Museum

"Participation begins within the Museum"

  At St Fagans: National History Museum we have recently been given the good news that we have funding for a major redevelopment of the Museum. The overall goal is to transform St Fagans into a world-class national museum of history that is driven by the needs of its users [see image above] . With funding from the Heritage Lottery  Read more →