The New MA Code of Ethics

"The New MA Code of Ethics"

Alistair Brown is the Policy officer at the Museums Association. Here he outlines the current situation faced by UK museums, and how the brand new Code of Ethics reflects this. A couple of years ago, the MA commissioned some market research into the perception of museums. The results suggested that museums are uniquely trusted organisations. While politicians, the banks and the press have seen  Read more →

Jack The Ripper Museum: The Response

"Jack The Ripper Museum: The Response"

Joe Sullivan is a heritage education professional and has several years’ experience leading Jack the Ripper walking tours. He here follows up his review of the controversial Jack The Ripper museum from September by talking to sector professionals about their personal responses. In August 2015 a museum opened on Cable Street, East London, centered on the killings of Jack The Ripper. Originally planned as  Read more →

Luton Culture | Waulud’s Bank Object Box

"Luton Culture | Waulud’s Bank Object Box"

Touching Objects | Waulud’s Bank Object Box  Waulud’s Bank Object Box | Timothy Vickers, Collections Care Officer and school teacher. Luton Culture recently piloted a user-created object box based on a local archaeological site, Waulud’s Bank.  This pilot was not formally structured meaning that the end product – the Waulud’s Bank object box, a mini museum that contains real objects  Read more →

Golden Rules | Evaluating Evaluation

"Golden Rules | Evaluating Evaluation"

I’m quite new to the world of evaluation. When I went part-time at the Museums Association a few years ago, as well as becoming a partner in the Museum Consultancy, one of the people I hooked up with was Christian Heath at King’s College London. We were both surprised that in spite of the millions spent on summative evaluation, it  Read more →

International Work | Let’s Share What We Know

"International Work | Let’s Share What We Know"

In May 2012, the National Museums Directors’ Council (NMDC) published a short paper, World Collections, which illustrated the breadth and impact of our members’ international work [see image 1]. We wanted to show that working internationally has become business as usual for many museums, and that there is a huge variety and depth of engagement taking place. You might be aware  Read more →

A Hard Habit to Break

"A Hard Habit to Break"

A Hard Habit to Break Sustainability | How we agonise about the rhetoric matching the action The view from Tony Butler’s desk at the Museum of East Anglian Life where he sat and wrote this blog The Happy Museum project proposes that museums are well placed to re-imagine a world where economic growth is not the principle measure of success  Read more →