Museums and Social Media | How and what to evaluate?

"Museums and Social Media | How and what to evaluate?"

 Sharing how to evaluate social media and develop an evaluation methodology, using the case study The Tanks. As a Digital Analyst at Tate, one of my duties is to analyze the impact of social media.  There are some exciting challenges in this task, from selecting the appropriate metrics and analysis methods to using the tools to capture the data. The  Read more →

Museums Health & Wellbeing

"Museums Health & Wellbeing"

Can museums improve your health and well-being? Patients at University College Hospital enjoying an object handling session Our approach has been to work in partnership with a range of collaborators from academics, museum curators, clinicians, hospital patients, care homes residents and their families and carers, applying rigorous methods for assessing the impact of museum encounters on health and wellbeing. We  Read more →

Luton Culture | Waulud’s Bank Object Box

"Luton Culture | Waulud’s Bank Object Box"

Touching Objects | Waulud’s Bank Object Box  Waulud’s Bank Object Box | Timothy Vickers, Collections Care Officer and school teacher. Luton Culture recently piloted a user-created object box based on a local archaeological site, Waulud’s Bank.  This pilot was not formally structured meaning that the end product – the Waulud’s Bank object box, a mini museum that contains real objects  Read more →

First World War Centenary | A Great Opportunity for Museums

"First World War Centenary | A Great Opportunity for Museums"

The First World War Centenary | A Great Opportunity for Museums Since November 2012, when I started my role (which is funded by Arts Council England), I have visited every region of the country to explain why IWM (Imperial War Museums) and the Arts Council think that the First World War Centenary (2014-2018) is a great opportunity for museums.  There  Read more →

Owning up to Authorship

"Owning up to Authorship"

Owning up to Authorship Museums are full of objects, but they are usually just as full – too full, often – of text.  With a combination of object labels, introductory panels and interactive exhibits, a single display space can feature thousands of words.  Yet almost all of this writing is anonymous; it is very rare to find any kind of  Read more →

University Challenge | Exploring university and museum relationships in the Share Academy project

"University Challenge | Exploring university and museum relationships in the Share Academy project"

UPDATE: Share Academy announce grants to develop museum and academic partnerships.  More here. Teaming up to score shared rewards In the autumn of 2012, Arts Council England funded University College London [UCL], the University of Arts London [UAL], and the London Museums Group [LMG] to investigate how those working in museums and universities could effectively team up in order to  Read more →

Radical Collaboration | Tools for Partnering with Community Members

"Radical Collaboration | Tools for Partnering with Community Members"

This guest post was written by my incredible colleagues, Stacey Marie Garcia and Emily Hope Dobkin, with minimal input from me. It started as a handout for a session Stacey and I are doing at the California Association of Museums, and then I realised it was so darn useful that it was worth sharing with all of you. Can’t wait  Read more →

One project finishes | another one starts better

"One project finishes | another one starts better"

How can we share what we learn? There’s no doubt in my mind that there is some excellent audience research going on in the heritage industry, but I’m equally convinced that we could and should share it better. The question is how? Audience research at the Science Museum has focused for over 15 years on improving our offer for visitors. The  Read more →

Sharing evaluation | don’t reinvent the wheel…

"Sharing evaluation | don’t reinvent the wheel…"

Barriers For over 12 years now I’ve worked within the museum and heritage sector in the field of evaluation and audience research and I’m reasonably confident the sector can now see the benefits of evaluation. However, I often feel frustrated at the barriers that we, as museum professionals, collectively seem to have raised, which often prevent us from sharing what  Read more →

Why are we not sharing

"Why are we not sharing"

Evaluation is good… isn’t it? Before exploring some of the reasons why we might not be sharing, or joining up our thinking around evaluation across the sector, it’s useful to think about why we are doing it, and whether or not it’s a good thing. In order to give evaluation value, we must, of course, value audiences. In the last  Read more →

The Late Shows

"The Late Shows"

Evaluation case study | The Late Shows To share or not to share?When it comes to sharing evaluation for The Late Shows, Newcastle and Gateshead’s annual Museums at Night event, the short answer is yes, we do need to share evaluation. But how? The team here at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums has been running The Late Shows for  Read more →

Leaping over crocodiles

"Leaping over crocodiles"

Evaluation, can it work? … I think it can I have worked for several years as a museum evaluator for Renaissance East of England, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service and as a freelancer. I started with a distinctly academic approach, having studied an MSc in Research Methods and was often surprised at what passed as hard evidence in the museum  Read more →

Participation begins within the Museum

"Participation begins within the Museum"

  At St Fagans: National History Museum we have recently been given the good news that we have funding for a major redevelopment of the Museum. The overall goal is to transform St Fagans into a world-class national museum of history that is driven by the needs of its users [see image above] . With funding from the Heritage Lottery  Read more →

Protect and Preserve | Access & Outreach

"Protect and Preserve | Access & Outreach"

Primary School to Being an Archivist My entry into the world of archives was pretty much accidental. My first memory of using an archive is a visit to the public archives in Bedfordshire and Nottinghamshire as part of a primary school history project.  At that time I, of course, had no idea that working in an archive was a possible  Read more →

The Real Hustle

"The Real Hustle"

‘Getting into the museum sector can be tough, but small museums offer fantastic opportunities for early career professionals’, suggests Dale Copley, Museum Officer at The Fusilier Museum London. ‘LMG gets lots of enquiries from people wanting to know how they can get into the museum sector, and as I’m in the early stages of my career I’ve been asked to  Read more →