Interview with Elizabeth Nicholson

"Interview with Elizabeth Nicholson"

In this interview Elizabeth tells us about her development work at Handel and Hendrix House and most recently her appointment as Director. My Career Path: My first career was as a Commissioning Editor in book publishing. After ten enjoyable years doing that, I stopped work for a while to bring up my two sons. Then, when they grew up, I  Read more →

Interview with Ella Roberts

"Interview with Ella Roberts"

In this interview Ella Roberts tells us about her interesting career working in music and museums, including her previous role as Communications Officer for Handel and Hendrix Museum, and currently as Communications Manager at the Britten-Pears Foundation, the home of composer Benjamin Britten and his partner, the tenor Peter Pears. Describe your career path My background is in classical music rather than museums but I think  Read more →

Interview with LMG’s new chair – Caroline Worthington

"Interview with LMG’s new chair – Caroline Worthington"

Caroline Worthington, LMG’s new chair and Chief Executive of Bexley Heritage Trust, takes five minutes to answer our questions… Describe your career path I started my career at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter as curator of art. I’ve retained my affection for the city and am now an ardent Exeter City football fan ! After five years in  Read more →

Interview with Emma Winch

"Interview with Emma Winch"

Emma Winch, Heritage Learning Manager at Hackney Museum and Co-Organiser of the Anti-University Now Festival tackles our questions… Describe your career path I found myself in museums by accident. I put down the wrong course code for my MA and found myself on a Museum Studies course, which I would NEVER have signed up for because growing up I thought  Read more →

Interview with Antonia Grant

"Interview with Antonia Grant"

Antonia Grant, Community Development and Project Officer at St. Paul’s Church Deptford, takes five minutes to answer our questions… Describe your career path Over the past seven years I have worked as both a freelancer and in full-time employment within the museum and heritage sector. I was lucky in that my first job came through an internship as part of a Museum  Read more →

Interview with Richard McClenaghan

"Interview with Richard McClenaghan"

Richard McClenaghan is the Development Officer at the Heritage Lottery Fund. Here he sits down with us to talk funding, ziplining and 26 million words of coded diary entries. Describe your career path? I originally trained as an archaeologist and then worked as a Site Assistant for private archaeological companies in Northern Ireland on short-term contracts carrying out digs and surveys before  Read more →

Interview with Alice Quine

"Interview with Alice Quine"

Alice Quine is the Assistant Curator at the Jewish museum. She sat down with us and told us about carers in our featured five minute interview.

Interview with Judy Willcocks

"Interview with Judy Willcocks"

Judy Willcocks is Chair of the London Museums Group Board and Head of Museum & Study Collection/Senior Research Fellow, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Here she tackles our probing questions.                     Describe your career path I don’t have a Museum Studies MA (just an MA in English and  Read more →

Interview with Joe Sullivan

"Interview with Joe Sullivan"

In the first of our regular interview posts, Joe Sullivan, Outreach Officer at the Grant Museum of Zoology and Learning Assistant at Brooklands Museum, talks dinosaurs, early career struggles and education outreach. Also take a look at his ‘Thoughts on Jack the Ripper‘ post of 25 September. Hello Joe, can you describe your career path? After making the possibly foolhardy  Read more →