Interview with Ella Roberts

"Interview with Ella Roberts"

In this interview Ella Roberts tells us about her interesting career working in music and museums, including her previous role as Communications Officer for Handel and Hendrix Museum, and currently as Communications Manager at the Britten-Pears Foundation, the home of composer Benjamin Britten and his partner, the tenor Peter Pears. Describe your career path My background is in classical music rather than museums but I think  Read more →

Expanding digital audience engagement at the National Portrait Gallery

"Expanding digital audience engagement at the National Portrait Gallery"

Elizabeth Dawson, Collections and Database Management Assistant at the National Portrait Gallery discusses new ways of expanding digital audiences. At the National Portrait Gallery, London (NPG) our online collections pages make up nearly 50% of all website access so naturally there is a large focus on enhancing the visitor experience within these pages. Thanks to our Digitisation team over 63%  Read more →



Emma Winch and Alex Brown, from Hackney Museum, give us an insight into the development of their Antiuniversity Now Project, exploring alternative education through new ways of sharing knowledge and collaborative learning. The idea behind the Antiuniversity Now project is simple. We invite people to teach and learn any subject, in any form, anywhere. A small team of four organisers, with a range  Read more →

Hurdles to Participation

"Hurdles to Participation"

In this informative post Sally Whitaker, independent adviser, summarises her Kids in Museums literature review into the hurdles to participation children, families and young people face when visiting museums. This week sees the launch of a literature review I undertook for Kids in Museums exploring what is currently known about the hurdles or barriers to participation by children, families and young people in museums. The review identified  Read more →

The New MA Code of Ethics

"The New MA Code of Ethics"

Alistair Brown is the Policy officer at the Museums Association. Here he outlines the current situation faced by UK museums, and how the brand new Code of Ethics reflects this. A couple of years ago, the MA commissioned some market research into the perception of museums. The results suggested that museums are uniquely trusted organisations. While politicians, the banks and the press have seen  Read more →

Some thoughts on Jack The Ripper, and the definition of a museum

"Some thoughts on Jack The Ripper, and the definition of a museum"

  Joe Sullivan is a heritage education professional working for The Grant Museum of Zoology and Brooklands Museum and has several years’ experience leading Jack the Ripper walking tours.  He reviews the recently opened Jack The Ripper museum and questions the core nature of a museum Note: this is a personal view on the Ripper Museum and discussion surrounding it, and does  Read more →

I ♥ Museums

"I ♥ Museums"

Katie Childs, Policy and Projects Manager, National Museum Directors’ Council is passionate about museums and explains why it is vital to get behind the new I ♥ Museums campaign. You may have noticed little lime green and blue I ♥ Museums logos appearing on Twitter. The National Museum Directors’ Council (NMDC) – with the support of all of the other  Read more →

More with Less

"More with Less"

A Word from the Chair – Judy Willcocks, Chair of the LMG,  shares her experiences of the changes to her role as Head of Museum & Study Collection at Central St Martins in this financially squeezed time for museums. As resources become ever more scarce and institutions try to do more with less I’m sure every museum professional in the country has  Read more →

Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare

The Power of Partnership

"The Power of Partnership"

Pippa Joiner from Orleans House Gallery shares her thoughts on how building partnerships and thinking strategically about volunteering can enable Museums to become more resilient. In 2014-15 Orleans House Gallery led the Partnership for Excellence West London: Volunteering project with 11 partner museums. The project was funded through the Arts Council England’s Renaissance Strategic support  fund. Building a partnership Most  Read more →


Collaboration – What’s Stopping Us?

"Collaboration – What’s Stopping Us?"

Museums and universities can gain a lot from working with each other. Paul Manners highlights projects that show the way.