5 steps to getting what you want from your career

"5 steps to getting what you want from your career"

Anna Lundberg is a business consultant and personal coach who writes, coaches and leads workshops to help ambitious individuals, employees and entrepreneurs achieve their full potential in their professional and personal lives. Anna recently presented at the Museum Freelance Network ‘Proactive, empowered and confident freelancing’ event held at the Canal Museum in March 2017. In this blog, she discusses some  Read more →

Steps Towards Inclusivity in Museums

"Steps Towards Inclusivity in Museums"

In the first of our Editor’s blogs, Joe Sullivan discusses his thoughts on inclusivity in museum storytelling. I recently started a post at the RAF Museum, as Heritage Outreach Officer. There’s some interesting development going on at the moment, and it’s great to be a part of it. For me personally, I find it exciting that the museum is trying  Read more →

DIY Development: Skills and the Future Museum Professional

"DIY Development: Skills and the Future Museum Professional"

By Jemma Davey I don’t think there can be a discussion of skills which does not also address the matter of experience. Skills and experience go hand in hand. As competition in the sector rises and budgets fall, future museum professionals will increasingly need relevant, well-evidenced experience in support of their skills. In this blog I will highlight the importance  Read more →

Thoughts on going it alone as a Museum Consultant

"Thoughts on going it alone as a Museum Consultant"

Follow these tips from Maria Blyzinsky and you could soon be taking control of your daily grind Several years ago, I made the decision to jump into freelancing. To an outsider, it may have seemed an odd choice. I’d been working in museums for sixteen years, and had managed to climb the greasy pole of curatorship to reach the dizzying  Read more →

Rethinking Museum Training and Careers

"Rethinking Museum Training and Careers"

Part 2 of 2, by Rachel Souhami Last week, four early career museum professionals recounted their experiences of getting into, and trying to get ahead in, museum work. In a nutshell: it’s unnecessarily tough. There is no career structure, no guidance, no training and no stability. But identifying problems is one thing, overcoming them is something else. What should the  Read more →

The low down on the life of early career museum professionals

"The low down on the life of early career museum professionals"

Part 1 of 2, by Rachel Souhami You’ve got to love museums to want to work in one: if you’re lucky, after years of study and volunteering you’ll get a low paid job on a short-term contract, and even getting one of those is a slog. But while senior professionals approach this problem by wringing their hands over training or  Read more →

Museum professionals of the future (and now) – resourceful and entrepreneurially minded

"Museum professionals of the future (and now) – resourceful and entrepreneurially minded"

by Lucy Shaw, Oxford ASPIRE Manager I manage Oxford ASPIRE (a consortium of the Oxford University Museums and the Oxfordshire County Museums Service), which is one of the sixteen Major Partner Museums funded by Arts Council England through its Renaissance funding stream.  We are taking an outward-facing leadership role in the museum sector at a regional, national and international level  Read more →