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Interview with Rose Hughes

"Interview with Rose Hughes"

Rose Hughes, Learning Officer at the Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising, is our first interviewee of the year. In this lively post she tells us about her love of illustration and her road into the museum sector. Describe your career path Growing up in Lincoln, I spent my weekends painting portraits at street fairs and working in a craft  Read more →

Christmas Message from Caroline Worthington, LMG Chair

"Christmas Message from Caroline Worthington, LMG Chair"

Caroline Worthington is the Chair of the London Museums Group and CEO of Bexley Heritage Trust. Here she reflects on the LMG in 2016, and our plans for 2017…. The London Museums Group (LMG) committee has spent time thinking about how we can best engage with our members and support them in the year ahead. In October, nine of us  Read more →

Interview with Jack Ashby

"Interview with Jack Ashby"

Jack Ashby, Manager of the grant Museum at UCL, answers our questions… Describe your career path As the Manager of the Grant Museum of Zoology at UCL (since 2011) I have strategic overview of our varied activities – developing the Museum as both a valuable academic resource and an excellent public venue, while caring for our collections responsibly. As well  Read more →

History of Art becomes History

"History of Art becomes History"

Joe Sullivan is the Heritage Outreach Officer (Engagement & Interpretation) at the RAF Museum. Here he talks to his colleague Jo Dickinson, Education Officer at the RAF Museum and a graduate in History of Art at A Level, about the impact of the removal of the subject from the UK curriculum. In Mid-October, it was announced that the exam board  Read more →

Like a Kamikaze Worm: throw yourself into using games for learning

"Like a Kamikaze Worm: throw yourself into using games for learning"

In this enthusiastic and informative post Laura Southall, the Learning Project Manager at the IWM and former Head of Learning at the RIBA, encourages us to dive in the deep end with gamification.   Imagine my surprise this weekend when a curator friend of mine text me using an emoji for the first time! I replied immediately to congratulate him on this  Read more →

Expanding digital audience engagement at the National Portrait Gallery

"Expanding digital audience engagement at the National Portrait Gallery"

Elizabeth Dawson, Collections and Database Management Assistant at the National Portrait Gallery discusses new ways of expanding digital audiences. At the National Portrait Gallery, London (NPG) our online collections pages make up nearly 50% of all website access so naturally there is a large focus on enhancing the visitor experience within these pages. Thanks to our Digitisation team over 63%  Read more →

Interview with LMG’s new chair – Caroline Worthington

"Interview with LMG’s new chair – Caroline Worthington"

Caroline Worthington, LMG’s new chair and Chief Executive of Bexley Heritage Trust, takes five minutes to answer our questions… Describe your career path I started my career at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter as curator of art. I’ve retained my affection for the city and am now an ardent Exeter City football fan ! After five years in  Read more →

What did the Touring Exhibitions Group’s survey tell us about touring in the London region?

"What did the Touring Exhibitions Group’s survey tell us about touring in the London region?"

                The Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG) is a non-profit organisation that supports museums and galleries across the UK and beyond to tour exhibitions. It believes touring is key mechanism for ensuring the resilience of high-quality, temporary exhibition programmes in times of greater austerity. Over the summer period in 2015 TEG conducted a survey  Read more →

Can the cultural sector rise above government agenda: cultural policy, influence and autonomy

"Can the cultural sector rise above government agenda: cultural policy, influence and autonomy"

                In the second of our Editor’s blogs, Carrie Svinning discusses her thoughts on government cultural policy, decision-making and autonomy. It has been an intense period of politics lately with Brexit, our new appointed Prime Minister Theresa May, and a notable set of cabinet changes. We as the cultural sector sit at the  Read more →

Interview with Miriam Craik-Horan

"Interview with Miriam Craik-Horan"

Miriam Craik-Horan (left of the photo), Producer of Further and Higher Education Programmes at the Design Museum, gives us insight into her career and her connection to the museum sector. Describe your career path I have worked in the cultural sector for about 6-7 years, coordinating a national portfolio of learning programmes at the Crafts Council before I took up my post  Read more →

Design Thinking: Mindsets, toolsets and skillsets for the future

"Design Thinking: Mindsets, toolsets and skillsets for the future"

In this post by Bridget McKenzie from Flow Associates, Bridget investigates what skills will be needed in the museums and heritage sector of the near future through the exploration of design thinking. My reflections draw on my work as director of Flow Associates helping arts, museums and heritage organisations to engage with learning audiences, to develop staff skills and build  Read more →

Interview with Dhikshana Turakhia Pering

"Interview with Dhikshana Turakhia Pering"

Dhikshana Turakhia Pering, Learning Officer for the Young People’s Skills Programme at the London Transport Museum, answers our questions about her career and relationship to the museum sector.  Describe your career path My career in the sector started in 2006 during my Art History and History degree at the University of Aberdeen, volunteering and interning at the Wallace Collection, British Museum and  Read more →

Influencing Policy

"Influencing Policy"

In light of recent reviews and policy changes, Katie Childs from the National Museum Directors’ Council, calls for museums to map out their own future and influence policy through decisive action and a collective voice. Since the Chancellor of the Exchequer stood at the Dispatch Box in the House of Commons in November 2015 and said cutting investment in arts  Read more →



Emma Winch and Alex Brown, from Hackney Museum, give us an insight into the development of their Antiuniversity Now Project, exploring alternative education through new ways of sharing knowledge and collaborative learning. The idea behind the Antiuniversity Now project is simple. We invite people to teach and learn any subject, in any form, anywhere. A small team of four organisers, with a range  Read more →

Hurdles to Participation

"Hurdles to Participation"

In this informative post Sally Whitaker, independent adviser, summarises her Kids in Museums literature review into the hurdles to participation children, families and young people face when visiting museums. This week sees the launch of a literature review I undertook for Kids in Museums exploring what is currently known about the hurdles or barriers to participation by children, families and young people in museums. The review identified  Read more →