Give the gift of data…

"Give the gift of data…"

Do you know how your museum’s audience has changed? Are you reaching more people from lower socio-economic groups? Are your visitors older or younger? Are you engaging with more people from minority-ethnic backgrounds? If you know any of these things, Maurice Davis wants to hear from you!

Aiming for Excellence?

"Aiming for Excellence?"

A summary of the LMG event ‘Aiming for Excellence’ held at the Society of Antiquaries on 25 June, told from the point of view of the event coordinator, Alex Murphy. When asked to put together a conference to discuss the Arts Council’s first goal – ‘Excellence is thriving and celebrated in museums, arts and culture’, I realised I have a  Read more →

Jewish Museum launches London Volunteers in Museums Awards 2014

"Jewish Museum launches London Volunteers in Museums Awards 2014"

On 9 June the Jewish Museum held a special launch private view for those involved with the awards. The London Volunteers in Museums Awards (LVMA) is proud to announce that the Jewish Museum will serve as the venue for the 2014 awards ceremony. The LVMAs have been held annually since 2009 and celebrate the achievements and service of the approximately  Read more →

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From books to bones – a mid-career crisis

"From books to bones – a mid-career crisis"

15 years working in libraries, and I gave it all up for museums. I have worked in academic, public, law and media libraries, but in the space of a few months I have moved from institutional repositories and copyright in a London university to repacking human bones from my local Roman ancestors. I gave up a salary and a pension  Read more →

Museums: therapeutic and emotional?

"Museums: therapeutic and emotional?"

By Nicky Boyd The sector gets together The programme for the Museums Association (MA) 2013 conference in Liverpool was certainly refreshing. Over two days delegates were invited to explore the themes of the ‘Therapeutic Museum’ and the ‘Emotional Museum.’  This interesting focus obviously tied in to the Museum Associations new vision for the increased social impact of museums: Museums Change  Read more →

It’s time for a digital transformation

"It’s time for a digital transformation"

By Assam Ghulam, 6th Form Student, The Langley Academy One of the things I like about studying at The Langley Academy is that museum learning is integrated across all areas of the curriculum. For my Year 12 work experience I was delighted when the opportunity arose for me to work as a museum blogger researching digital new media and its  Read more →

The UK’s heritage sector strengths, struggles & strivings

"The UK’s heritage sector strengths, struggles & strivings"

Reflecting on the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Museums Association By Martha Richter Around 1,500 people attended the MA’s Annual Conference held in Liverpool from 12-14 October. In keeping with the venue, Beatles songs greeted the delegates as they arrived at the beautifully renovated town docks, and showed how even a very small group of people (four) can have a  Read more →

Facebook: how it works for us, from the perspective of a small heritage organisation

"Facebook: how it works for us, from the perspective of a small heritage organisation"

By Sarah Humphris, Bexley Heritage Trust Working for a small independent charity, Bexley Heritage Trust (BHT) that manages two historic houses, Hall Place and Danson House, means that I wear lots of hats in the workplace. As Marketing and Events Officer my role ranges from managing events and marketing to the Friends organisation, volunteers and updating the website. Somewhere along  Read more →

Tumblring towards Audience Engagement

"Tumblring towards Audience Engagement"

By Anna Darron While the use of social media in larger museums is often relegated to marketing or communications departments, those of us who work in smaller museums may grapple with the question of whose responsibility the maintenance of our online presence should fall to – or perhaps whether or not it is even worth the trouble. Earlier this year  Read more →

DIY Development: Skills and the Future Museum Professional

"DIY Development: Skills and the Future Museum Professional"

By Jemma Davey I don’t think there can be a discussion of skills which does not also address the matter of experience. Skills and experience go hand in hand. As competition in the sector rises and budgets fall, future museum professionals will increasingly need relevant, well-evidenced experience in support of their skills. In this blog I will highlight the importance  Read more →

A museum handling collection case study: ‘Small World’ at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum

"A museum handling collection case study: ‘Small World’ at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum"

By Tony Eccles Summary In 2006, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) was awarded a £100,000 grant from the Designation Challenge Fund. As part of the 2006-8 “Opening Up Collections” scheme, RAMM wanted to explore how the ethnography collection could be accessed whilst the museum was undergoing a major redevelopment. One project this grant funded was Small World; an attempt  Read more →

Thoughts on going it alone as a Museum Consultant

"Thoughts on going it alone as a Museum Consultant"

Follow these tips from Maria Blyzinsky and you could soon be taking control of your daily grind Several years ago, I made the decision to jump into freelancing. To an outsider, it may have seemed an odd choice. I’d been working in museums for sixteen years, and had managed to climb the greasy pole of curatorship to reach the dizzying  Read more →

Rethinking Museum Training and Careers

"Rethinking Museum Training and Careers"

Part 2 of 2, by Rachel Souhami Last week, four early career museum professionals recounted their experiences of getting into, and trying to get ahead in, museum work. In a nutshell: it’s unnecessarily tough. There is no career structure, no guidance, no training and no stability. But identifying problems is one thing, overcoming them is something else. What should the  Read more →

The low down on the life of early career museum professionals

"The low down on the life of early career museum professionals"

Part 1 of 2, by Rachel Souhami You’ve got to love museums to want to work in one: if you’re lucky, after years of study and volunteering you’ll get a low paid job on a short-term contract, and even getting one of those is a slog. But while senior professionals approach this problem by wringing their hands over training or  Read more →