Museums and tragedy

"Museums and tragedy"

              Sharon Heal, currently director of the Museums Association (MA), with a background in journalism and policy development, comments on how museums can act in times of tragedy and disaster. We are barely half way through the year and already so much has changed. The snap general election brought results that few expected and  Read more →

Interview with Elizabeth Nicholson

"Interview with Elizabeth Nicholson"

In this interview Elizabeth tells us about her development work at Handel and Hendrix House and most recently her appointment as Director. My Career Path: My first career was as a Commissioning Editor in book publishing. After ten enjoyable years doing that, I stopped work for a while to bring up my two sons. Then, when they grew up, I  Read more →

5 steps to getting what you want from your career

"5 steps to getting what you want from your career"

Anna Lundberg is a business consultant and personal coach who writes, coaches and leads workshops to help ambitious individuals, employees and entrepreneurs achieve their full potential in their professional and personal lives. Anna recently presented at the Museum Freelance Network ‘Proactive, empowered and confident freelancing’ event held at the Canal Museum in March 2017. In this blog, she discusses some  Read more →

Interview with Ella Roberts

"Interview with Ella Roberts"

In this interview Ella Roberts tells us about her interesting career working in music and museums, including her previous role as Communications Officer for Handel and Hendrix Museum, and currently as Communications Manager at the Britten-Pears Foundation, the home of composer Benjamin Britten and his partner, the tenor Peter Pears. Describe your career path My background is in classical music rather than museums but I think  Read more →

Expanding digital audience engagement at the National Portrait Gallery

"Expanding digital audience engagement at the National Portrait Gallery"

Elizabeth Dawson, Collections and Database Management Assistant at the National Portrait Gallery discusses new ways of expanding digital audiences. At the National Portrait Gallery, London (NPG) our online collections pages make up nearly 50% of all website access so naturally there is a large focus on enhancing the visitor experience within these pages. Thanks to our Digitisation team over 63%  Read more →

Interview with LMG’s new chair – Caroline Worthington

"Interview with LMG’s new chair – Caroline Worthington"

Caroline Worthington, LMG’s new chair and Chief Executive of Bexley Heritage Trust, takes five minutes to answer our questions… Describe your career path I started my career at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter as curator of art. I’ve retained my affection for the city and am now an ardent Exeter City football fan ! After five years in  Read more →

What did the Touring Exhibitions Group’s survey tell us about touring in the London region?

"What did the Touring Exhibitions Group’s survey tell us about touring in the London region?"

                The Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG) is a non-profit organisation that supports museums and galleries across the UK and beyond to tour exhibitions. It believes touring is key mechanism for ensuring the resilience of high-quality, temporary exhibition programmes in times of greater austerity. Over the summer period in 2015 TEG conducted a survey  Read more →