Interview with Emma Winch

"Interview with Emma Winch"

Emma Winch, Heritage Learning Manager at Hackney Museum and Co-Organiser of the Anti-University Now Festival tackles our questions… Describe your career path I found myself in museums by accident. I put down the wrong course code for my MA and found myself on a Museum Studies course, which I would NEVER have signed up for because growing up I thought  Read more →

Steps Towards Inclusivity in Museums

"Steps Towards Inclusivity in Museums"

In the first of our Editor’s blogs, Joe Sullivan discusses his thoughts on inclusivity in museum storytelling. I recently started a post at the RAF Museum, as Heritage Outreach Officer. There’s some interesting development going on at the moment, and it’s great to be a part of it. For me personally, I find it exciting that the museum is trying  Read more →

Interview with Antonia Grant

"Interview with Antonia Grant"

Antonia Grant, Community Development and Project Officer at St. Paul’s Church Deptford, takes five minutes to answer our questions… Describe your career path Over the past seven years I have worked as both a freelancer and in full-time employment within the museum and heritage sector. I was lucky in that my first job came through an internship as part of a Museum  Read more →