Chairwoman’s Blog: Running a Volunteer Organisation

"Chairwoman’s Blog: Running a Volunteer Organisation"

  In the first of our tri-yearly LMG Chairwoman’s Blog, Judy Willcocks reflects on the challenges and rewards of chairing a voluntary organisation. I’ve been in the driving seat of the London Museums Group for five years now, and have had to steer us through some pretty choppy waters including the worst economic downturn since the Second World War, the demise  Read more →

The New MA Code of Ethics

"The New MA Code of Ethics"

Alistair Brown is the Policy officer at the Museums Association. Here he outlines the current situation faced by UK museums, and how the brand new Code of Ethics reflects this. A couple of years ago, the MA commissioned some market research into the perception of museums. The results suggested that museums are uniquely trusted organisations. While politicians, the banks and the press have seen  Read more →

Interview with Richard McClenaghan

"Interview with Richard McClenaghan"

Richard McClenaghan is the Development Officer at the Heritage Lottery Fund. Here he sits down with us to talk funding, ziplining and 26 million words of coded diary entries. Describe your career path? I originally trained as an archaeologist and then worked as a Site Assistant for private archaeological companies in Northern Ireland on short-term contracts carrying out digs and surveys before  Read more →