Protect and Preserve | Access & Outreach

"Protect and Preserve | Access & Outreach"

Primary School to Being an Archivist My entry into the world of archives was pretty much accidental. My first memory of using an archive is a visit to the public archives in Bedfordshire and Nottinghamshire as part of a primary school history project.  At that time I, of course, had no idea that working in an archive was a possible  Read more →

The Real Hustle

"The Real Hustle"

‘Getting into the museum sector can be tough, but small museums offer fantastic opportunities for early career professionals’, suggests Dale Copley, Museum Officer at The Fusilier Museum London. ‘LMG gets lots of enquiries from people wanting to know how they can get into the museum sector, and as I’m in the early stages of my career I’ve been asked to  Read more →